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Irrespective of how you are monetizing your website, one thing that you certainly need is TRAFFIC – and as much of it as possible. Moreover, it’s not just traffic that matters, it has to be targeted traffic that is interested in what you have up on your website. We’ll help you drive such traffic to your website. This product works for all types of online businesses.

We’ll create an SEO-optimized article for you and will then create 20-50 (or more) unique versions of it (20 – 50 versions that make complete sense and are not spewed by some junk article spinner). These 20-50 unique versions of your article will then be submitted to Top 20 -50 article directories such as ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, articledashboard.com etc. Submissions can be made either under our account names or account names provided by you. Needless to say, all these articles will have back links to your website and anchor text in their resource boxes.

How is our service different from other article creation and submission services?

Google doesn’t like the same version of an article floating on different web pages and can penalize your website for promoting duplicate content on internet.

Hence, unlike all other article creation and submission services, we create and submit a unique version of each article (including resource box) to different article directories.

Please note: It is better to have 50 unique versions of your article submitted to Top 50 article directories than having the same version of your article submitted to hundreds or thousands of crappy article directories or web pages.

So, unleash the power of article marketing and become an expert and authority in your niche!

  Web Content  
  Unique content is the lifeblood of any successful website. In today’s online world, it is imperative that web pages contain well written and easy to read text. We can provide cost effective scalable solutions to help you achieve your goals.  
  News Feeds  
  More than half of all the internet users access web for daily news. We can produce high quality current news articles and post them directly on your websites at regular intervals.  
  Premium Content  
  If it is detailed, specialized, research oriented content that you’re looking for your specific niche, this product is for you. We’ll ensure that you receive the highest quality at competitive rates. More here  
  Article Submissions  
  Discover the power of article marketing and explode your profits by attracting targeted traffic to your website. We’ll create and submit 30 -50 unique versions of an article to Top 30 – 50 article directories for you.  

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